Nacho Puig

Nepal is not counted by people, but by smiles. I arrived to Nepal without knowing what I would find, and soon the chaos, the traffic, the dust and the pollution were replaced by peace, human warmth, love and smiles.

Children like Anil, Ishan, Suntali or Sajina soon showed me the purity we all have in our hearts, the simplicity and inner goodness that the human being is born with, and they helped me to find all that in me.

BAHADUR is a project in honour to all of them, the children of the country of the eternal smile, in order to give back a small part of everything they have given to me.


Eric Torrell

This is me, Eric, and the kid next to me is Anish, who was in Class 4 at that time. He was the first Nepalese child I met.

When I decided to move to Nepal in January’19, I did it because I felt I needed to have a personal and professional break. But I never thought that this would completely change my life.

Have you ever heard the quote that says “the best of Nepal is their people”? At first I thought it was a topic, but it is because of its people and children that we decided to create BAHADUR SOCIAL PROJECT.

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