The Reunion

We said goodbye a long time ago, and the reality is that nothing has changed.

You were waiting for me, as you promised. I came back, just as we dreamed.

We fulfilled that part of the treatment that tears and affliction had sealed. Time has weighed heavily, but we both knew that our story could only have ended like this, together.

I have thought about you every day, every night you wrapped me up and protected me with sweet dreams, despite the distance. You did it delicately, with some innocence, wishing I wouldn’t forget you, something that we knew could never happen.

And, suddenly, there you were, under my feet, with an open heart, showing me all your intimacies without shame or embarrassment. Your aromas, your smiles, your colours, your sounds, making evident from the first instant that this reunion would not leave us indifferent. Instant, a beautiful word, and a single second that advanced everything that was to come.

We lowered our wings and gradually took land; letting us instinctively guide by the heat you detached.

With our eyes covered, slowly we were attracted to you, and the clouds, the snow and the mountains quickly seized us.

Little has changed in you. Maybe I remembered you older, but time has treated you well, the minimum to repair the wound that the distance had marked in our hearts.

I see you and smile. You see me and you give me back the sign. A shy approach while both of us wish to be part of each other.

Together, that is the word. Together we will do great things, will learn, will laugh, will cry, but, above all, we will live.

Before I left I made you a promise, “I will come back.” And next to it, implicitly, there was another: “together we will grow”.

The time has come, it is the moment to pay off my debt, to return you all that you have given me, to fulfil my part of the deal, to honour every feeling, every tear, every emotion, every hint of the dazzling happiness that I have experience next to you.

It is time to start this trip, there is no time to lose, because when the heart speaks we must stop the engines and pay attention, and your call has entered through my eardrums and has rumbled every part of my interior.

I have returned to stay, I have returned to help, I have returned to walk with you, see you grow, and together we will make it possible.

Ramro yatra — Have a nice trip.

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